Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She Scent it Banana Brulee Conditioner


Water (infused with Aloe, essential extracts of Cinnamon, Black willow bark, Roman Chamomile, Rose hip seed) Cetyl alcohol, Bananas, Emulsifying wax, Castor oil, Vegetable glycerin, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Honey, Hydrolyzed cotton seed protein, Cocoa Butter, Sweet almond oil, Babassu oil, Silk amino acids, Panthenol, Silica, Germall plus.

Cost: 8 oz $11, 16 oz $17


I really like this conditioner. It is very thick and pretty moisturizing. I also like how it comes in a tub so that you can get every little bit out. I do not like to waste product. Her ingredients are awesome, natural and pretty affordable.

You can now choose 4 different scents. I like the Coco Mango scent, but I wasn't feeling the Banana scent, it smells too fake to me.

Shescentit is very fast with shipping and responding to emails. When I stock up on her conditioners my order usually the ship out between 1-2 days. She runs sales almost every holiday, usually 20-25 percent off so this is a plus. She has many different conditioners at different prices so they can fit anyone's budget.

The verdict

4/5 stars. I really like this conditioner and its price. But I think that some of my other conditioners are a little bit better, like my AOHSR. I will always keep this stuff in my arsenal though. Make sure you wait for a sale which usually is every holiday, the next one is labor day :).


  1. HmMmm I'm thinking about buying this one. It's like I'm a fiend or something I visit that site everyday lol Have you tried the Super Soft Honey Conditioning Rinse? I love that stuff and the Seyani Butter is like hair care heaven

  2. I have not tried any SheScentIt products yet. Lord knows, the reviews on LHCF and here make me want to. Is this a deep conditioner?

  3. LFM-

    My PJ angel sent me the Honey Rinse. It was a good cowash conditioner. I really liked the Seyani Butter. The Pink Lemonade scent was so good.

    But make sure you wait for a sale!

  4. Marilie-

    Yes it is a Deep Conditioner and it is really good. She sells samples too for 3 bucks. She also has a conditioner sample back where you get all 6 of her conditioners for like 16-18 bucks.

    Not bad.

  5. I see she's going to introduce a creamy leave in soon! The ingredients look delish! But girl both the BBC and SSHCR are like two dollars off right now

    Coco Crème Leave-In Conditioner

    INGREDIENTS: Water infused with organic elderflower extract, calendula, horsetail & yarrow extract, BTMS (mild hair conditioner), Coconut Cream, vegetable glycerin, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Meadowfoam oil, Silk Peptides, organic sea kelp, fennel, & green coffee extracts, panthenol, germall plus, fragrance.

  6. ^ Holy crap! Thanks for letting me know! I am so getting this!

    Thanks again!!!

  7. For normal hair use any good quality shampoo and conditioner that have a perfect balance. Always rinse your hair after applying shampoo and conditioner completely.

  8. I'm glad she has other scent options available now. The banana scent was *gag* to me, lol.