Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hairveda Vatika Frosting


Coconut Oil, Amla Extract, Henna Extract, Lemon Extract, Fragrance.

Cost: 8oz $10 (Only available late September till April.)


Its basically glorified Coconut Oil. I wouldn't give it the time of day if it didn't smell so freakin good. It smells like the tastiest, creamiest buttercream cake you have ever smelled. Vatika Frosting is what motivates me to DC in all honesty. I DC just so I can smell it in my hair.....oh man....I would DC every day for that smell.....

My hair likes coconut oil so this stuff is good for me. You can use it as a prepoo, a sealant etc. It is kinda expensive if you consider that a 54 ounce container of coconut oil from is like $30. But I make sure to order mine during the sales; usually it will be half price. I just stock up and buy 10 at a time during sales.

Hairveda is right down the street from me. It would be great if they had a storefront location. Customer service has rebounded since the introduction of a new sales associate. If you want your stuff fast though do not order during a sale. It might take up to a month for you to receive your products due to the popularity of Hairveda.

The Verdict

I like this stuff, I give it a 4/5.


  1. I love the smell of this stuff too! But I'm thinking I can just buy some Vatika Oil from my local indian store for much cheaper and save on shipping only thing is I've heard that the smell isn't that great! I wonder what a little Vanilla EO would do? HmMmM

  2. Yeah, I have also heard that Vatika Oil is kinda smelly. Additionally, it may contain unfriendly ingredients to water it down, like mineral oil. Vanilla EO sounds divine though.

    *off to check*

  3. I ended up buying the Vatika Oil and it smells like Windex lol But the smell doesn't linger so I don't think it will be to bad

  4. Well, I'm glad that the smell doesn't linger! I got some Amla oil a couple months back and it smelled like death. Windex isn't so bad!

  5. I have some Dabur Vatika doesn't have a Windex smell to me, lol. Not sure what the smell is. It's not horrible, but VF definitely smells better. I had stocked up on VF during one of the sales, but I think when it's gone I may just use the Dabur since I can get it locally, and the label did not indicate it had mineral oil (although who really knows for sure, lol)

  6. I heard this stuff is amazing. I just ordered some from Aveda and cannot wait until it arrives!

    Come check out my blog!