Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey You Guys!

I just wanted to give a little update about what is happening in my Hair Life! I am sorry that I have not be ontop of this blog. I have been busy with my job and gearing up for David to go to Spain for a year. I am happy to report that I am SL! I am very excited, my hair is 9-12 inches depending on where on my head! I feel that I owe my progress to low manipulation and proper moisture levels.

I did two-strand twists from October until January. I wanted to make sure that I had enough hair to comfortably bun with before making that plunge. I did not want to be pulling my scalp into my bun! :) So yes now I am wet bunning.

I just bought a comb attachment for my Sedu Revolution 4000i blow dryer. I sucked at using a paddle brush and the blow dryer, my coordination is not too good lol.

It's called the Willie Morrow Blow Dry Nozzle Thermal Solano
It is supposed to fit any dryer. We will see, David is gonna attach it to my dryer this week. I got it off of Ebay for $18 bucks with shipping. Folica has it too, but shipping made it $23 so I went with the cheaper option.

I would like to blow dry my hair sometime in the Fall. I am trying to get to APL by the end of this year. I am 3 inches away. It will be the longest my hair has been since I was like 12 haha. Anyway I am updating this thing at work, my internet at home is down. I hope to use this as a supplement to my Youtube channel.




  1. justicefighter1913March 30, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    Hey Charz, I have this exact comb! Girl, I bought it at the suggestion of dontspeakdefeat. You might want to just rig it on there with some tape. That's what I did. I LOVE it! I'm going to have to buy a new blowdryer, but I LOVE this comb! I tried the brush method and girl, my hair is too thick and it doesn't get as smooth as I would like for it to, that is if I'm doing it myself. I hope that you enjoy it!

  2. I think I may need to rig it, David can't figure out how to make it fit! Thanks for the tips, I guess I will use duck tape? Thank you :)

  3. Hey ladies, I received this attachment today and made an instructional video on how to successfully attach (NO duct tape!) Please check it out: